So I realize it has been a ridiculously long time since I’ve posted.  I’ve been on a somewhat of a blogging sabbatical (a.k.a being lazy and not blogging.)

I hate to admit it but I’m wildly like a child as in if I feel uninspired to do something, I will find any excuse to not do it…so that is the short explanation of my absence.  I think many bloggers go through this, especially creative types.

When I woke up yesterday, I was feeling kind of uninspired by the New Year.  I couldn’t think of any worthy resolutions and just didn’t have that new year, fresh outlook thing going on.  Kinda depressing.  So I sat and thought about what I’m going to do to make this year even better than the last.  How I’m going to keep it fresh.  As someone who always needs to keep things exciting, slumps just don’t work for me.

Here’s what I’m going to make happen this year:

1.  Paint more.  I love painting and need to make more time for it.  I’m not exactly Monet, but that’s not really the point.  There is something incredibly freeing about a blank canvas and a set of paints.  I’ve never tried watercolors and I’ve never done an abstract.  This is the year!

2.  Start a new project.  Work wise speaking.  Last year I started this blog which has been very rewarding, and while I plan to continue this blog, I am also looking for a new project to jump into.  I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for new opportunities.  For me, there is nothing more exciting than a new project or business venture.

3.  Crafts with the kids.  I made some Christmas crafts with the kids over the break and they loved it. I loved it too!  I used to not think of myself as a crafty person but it looks like that is changing.

4.  Enjoy the moment.  Life is short.  Why not enjoy it?  Instead of losing my face in my iPhone I’m going to really try to stay in the moment and just exist and enjoy.

5.  Stay out of family drama.  It heavily exists.  On both sides.  ‘Nuff said.

6.  Make some scrapbooks.  Remember when we used to do this before all of our photos got stuck in our phones?  I need living proof, on paper that we have in fact, lived.  I just do.  And I need to take the time to do it.  Plus it’s a creative outlet and justifies a trip to Michael’s.

7.  Plan ahead little trips.  I’m sooo NOT a planner.  But there are so many things I feel I miss out on because of this.  I want to plan trips close to home for our family.  I want to take the kids up to Columbus to COSI.  I want to go hiking with Greg in Yellow Springs.  I want to check out the Red River Gorge.  All of these things are within two hours of our house yet I have not yet taken the kids…lazy mom alert!

8.  Decorate the house.  I’ve been putting this off as we live in a rental house.  Now that we have lived here two years and Greg has a tenant in his old house, its time (actually past time) to make this house feel like ours.  I want to change out the lights I hate, paint the ugly yellow walls, and in general make some changes that make me happy to live and bring people here.  In general, I hate explaining to people, “don’t judge my decorating abilities by my house because, you know, its a rental“.  I’ve got to get over the feeling that it would be wasting my time and money because we don’t own this house.  Because after all, we do call this place home, right?