Two posts about the Oscars in a row!?


I know, right?  But I just had to share this game with you.

Some good friends of mine including Jeannette (remember her?)  planned an Oscar viewing party for the night of the Oscars….but it snowed and iced, forcing them to reschedule.  So, the belated Oscar party happened this past weekend instead.

Oscar Party Selfie

The whole night was Oscar themed with trivia, etc.  To add to the fun, I brought my own game for everyone to play.  Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I love a fun party game!  I think interactive games are key to a fun party.

The game I came up with was kind of another version of my adult headbanz game.  Only this game was not rated R (I know, a little less fun but more appropriate for a larger crowd.)

I taped a card on each person’s back with an Oscar related item on it.  The cards ranged from Matthew McConaughey, to Pharrell William’s Hat.  Some other fun ones were: The Teleprompter, Liza Minnelli’s Blue Silk Ensemble, and Ellen’s Selfie.

People had to guess who or what was on their back by asking only yes or no questions with a limit of asking the same person three in a row (this encourages talking to new people, always fun!)

Here’s how to make your own game:

1.  Make your list of Oscar related items.  Do a Google Image search for them.  Paste photos into Word. Print.  I did about 6 per page.

2.  Cut out your images.

3.  Cut out larger pieces of card stock to glue your images on.  Make sure there is room for you to write a description on each card.  You can skip this step if you think ahead and have white card stock on hand before starting your project by just printing onto the card stock.
4.  Laminate your cards with clear packing tape.
5.  Tape the cards on people’s backs and start playing the game!

This game is so fun!  You can tailor the game to fit so many themes.

Try it out!

Do be prepared though…the game takes a deceptively long time to make…picking out the perfect image on Google can take you into a black hole of time (spoken from experience 😉 !