Velvet….Not just for Grannies anymore

We can’t help it, but we just love velvet in any and every form! You don’t have to go all in on the trend, a small cushion in velvet adds just the right amount of that “something special” in your home. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite velvet pieces and even a few from installations we’ve done recently. Whats your favorite take on velvet?

Velvet on Velvet on Velvet….Gimme all this jewel toned velvet fabulousness.

A neutral pallet of velvet goodness from an install in Anderson

Velvet wallpaper…YES, please!!

luxurious velvet bedding with my favorite…an eclectic pop of color

chic, luxury at it’s finest in the this room by Braun Adams.





We are slap bang in the middle of a blush pink revolution and we’re loving every second of it! A blush pink inspired interior conjures up a wistful, feminine feel. There is a blush pink look for everyone, from the subtlest of accessories to a full on pink palace. If you don’t have a passion for pink (or your husband doesn’t) do not despair….we’ve found a little touch of blush pink that will satisfy your craving. From a dainty but fabulous chaise to the most gorgeous lamps you’ve ever seen….take a look at our favorite blush tone interiors.

Bedroom Blushin’ by Domino Magazine 

I think i’ll curl up with a book and a good cup of coffee in this blush space by Kelly Wearstler

When in doubt…paint it blush with this soft hue by Benjamin Moore

Be still my heart….rose colored chaise from an instillation by moi

Caitlyn Wilson wows with this pink perfection buffalo check wallpaper….say what?

Swooooon….have you ever seen anything more gorgeous?  This wallpaper from a recent instillation gives me all the feels.

Rosé s’il Vous Plait? Only if I can drink from rose colored glasses (pun intended)

Booking my flight to London now….because a place this fabulous needs to be seen in person. Branded as a “Tea Room by day and Cocktail Lounge by night”  Sketch London looks every bit a candy colored paradise.



I got a call a few weeks ago from an old friend who needed a design pick me up.

Her starter marriage was ending. For anyone who has been through this, you know it sucks and is pretty much a major downer.

She wanted to get rid of all the old “stuff” and start fresh. I wanted her to get “Happy”! Pharrell Williams style! 

“Happy” dining room

I’ve never used music as inspiration for a design before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything!

Oh…and did I mention she was on a tight budget? Like squeaky tight.

All items are under $400.

“Happy” living room

Her living room and dining room are open to each other so we needed a nice style flow.

She already had a neutral sofa but everything else was fair game.

Here’s what’s going on over the sofa.

“Happy” sofa wall

See all the awesome product sourcing on the Happy Pinterest board.

I’m super excited to see this colorful fun space come to fruition!

There’s nothing like Pharrell to get you over the divorce blues!!

Is Stenciling Back??

I’ve never been a big stencil fan.

In part because of the process.  It’s grueling in that it is so detail oriented…one slip of the brush or move of the stencil and it’s over.

Also, because stenciling reminds me of the 80’s and 90’s and not in a good way…I’m talking white bows stenciled on dusty pink walls (does this remind you of your girlhood bedroom??)

So when my sister, Laurel, called and said she wanted me to help her stencil the nursery for her new baby I suggested a mural.  So much more fun to do!  Let the creative energy flow!  Or wallpaper, I mean how many cute children’s wallpapers are there?  Tons, I tell you, TONS.

But she insisted.  She ordered a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils which has tons of new (read: not 80’s) styles that you could almost mistake for wallpaper.


Laurel has classic taste and likes subdued colors and clean lines.  She opted for a conservative trellis stencil using gray as a base color and white as the “fill in” on the stencil.

Here is the stencil layout:

Laurel chose the Trellis Allover Stencil.

The stencil is really quite large at 23″ x 25″.  This was happy surprise because although it still took “forever” we weren’t moving a eight inch square across the wall as I was anticipating.  

Also, it was quite nice that you don’t have to let the paint dry before moving the stencil….you can move the stencil down and overlap the plastic right on top of the the wet paint.  

As you can see, you do have to tape off the sides and ceiling.  

But they do give you an “edge” stencil for use at the top and sides…which we ended up cutting to work better.

Clean-up is easy…its just like with a plastic paint pallet.  Wet it and pull it off!  (This is the best part!)

After several hours (ok, more like eight) here is how it looked when I left:

Not completely done but 95%.  As you can see after we evaluated how much time it takes, we abandoned the idea of doing all four walls and called it a day after an accent wall.

My final take on stenciling:  If you want the look of wallpaper without the price, go for it!  But don’t expect to start and finish in a few short hours.  

Oscar Game

Two posts about the Oscars in a row!?


I know, right?  But I just had to share this game with you.

Some good friends of mine including Jeannette (remember her?)  planned an Oscar viewing party for the night of the Oscars….but it snowed and iced, forcing them to reschedule.  So, the belated Oscar party happened this past weekend instead.

Oscar Party Selfie

The whole night was Oscar themed with trivia, etc.  To add to the fun, I brought my own game for everyone to play.  Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I love a fun party game!  I think interactive games are key to a fun party.

The game I came up with was kind of another version of my adult headbanz game.  Only this game was not rated R (I know, a little less fun but more appropriate for a larger crowd.)

I taped a card on each person’s back with an Oscar related item on it.  The cards ranged from Matthew McConaughey, to Pharrell William’s Hat.  Some other fun ones were: The Teleprompter, Liza Minnelli’s Blue Silk Ensemble, and Ellen’s Selfie.

People had to guess who or what was on their back by asking only yes or no questions with a limit of asking the same person three in a row (this encourages talking to new people, always fun!)

Here’s how to make your own game:

1.  Make your list of Oscar related items.  Do a Google Image search for them.  Paste photos into Word. Print.  I did about 6 per page.

2.  Cut out your images.

3.  Cut out larger pieces of card stock to glue your images on.  Make sure there is room for you to write a description on each card.  You can skip this step if you think ahead and have white card stock on hand before starting your project by just printing onto the card stock.
4.  Laminate your cards with clear packing tape.
5.  Tape the cards on people’s backs and start playing the game!

This game is so fun!  You can tailor the game to fit so many themes.

Try it out!

Do be prepared though…the game takes a deceptively long time to make…picking out the perfect image on Google can take you into a black hole of time (spoken from experience 😉 !

Oscar Fashion

via Pop Sugar
I’ve been MIA for a long while now.   I’ve been in a total design and career slump over the past few months and while I think this kind of thing is completely common for creative types, I’ve let myself hang out here way too long.  
So, I’m getting back to business.  
Let’s talk Oscars fashion.
Last year, I was wowed by Kate Hudson’s Alexander McQueen’s black gown.  And this year she wins my best dressed vote again!  
Kate is stunning in this beaded, silk Versace number.  I love the shoulder draping…it makes her already slim figure look downright perfect.  The McQueen dress from last year achieved the same look with the exaggerated shoulders.  
Take a look:
via Just Jared
Kate’s slim figure could easily look boyish but these dresses are perfect for her figure.
Who was your best dressed pick?

How to Make Draperies Behave


So expensive, yet so wonderfully transforming.

But did you know you have to teach your draperies to behave just like your kids?  True story.

I picked this up from having countless draperies made and hung by experts.  (BTW…did you know that there is an actual drapery making college?  Let that sink in for a moment.  Yeah.  I’m fascinated by this because I am so sewing machine challenged I would miserably fail out during the first week.)

Most fabrics used for draperies need a little “training”.  This goes for thick fabrics, draperies with thick linings, linen, most silks, and well, basically all fabrics used for draperies.

Here is the super easy, three step process for how to make your long hanging draperies behave:

1.  After hanging your draperies, fold the fabric up accordion style lengthwise in the way you would like them to hang permanently.

2.  Use a piece of fabric (or in this case, a rubber band from the rainbow loom!) to tie the bottom together, keeping the accordion folds in tact. 
(do you recognize this room from the One Room Challenge?)
3.  Leave fabric tie (or rubber band) in place for a week.  Upon removal your draperies will be “trained” to stay in place in nice long folds!  No more messing with them!
To see this project in its entirely, click here.

Bring it 2014!

So I realize it has been a ridiculously long time since I’ve posted.  I’ve been on a somewhat of a blogging sabbatical (a.k.a being lazy and not blogging.)

I hate to admit it but I’m wildly like a child as in if I feel uninspired to do something, I will find any excuse to not do it…so that is the short explanation of my absence.  I think many bloggers go through this, especially creative types.

When I woke up yesterday, I was feeling kind of uninspired by the New Year.  I couldn’t think of any worthy resolutions and just didn’t have that new year, fresh outlook thing going on.  Kinda depressing.  So I sat and thought about what I’m going to do to make this year even better than the last.  How I’m going to keep it fresh.  As someone who always needs to keep things exciting, slumps just don’t work for me.

Here’s what I’m going to make happen this year:

1.  Paint more.  I love painting and need to make more time for it.  I’m not exactly Monet, but that’s not really the point.  There is something incredibly freeing about a blank canvas and a set of paints.  I’ve never tried watercolors and I’ve never done an abstract.  This is the year!

2.  Start a new project.  Work wise speaking.  Last year I started this blog which has been very rewarding, and while I plan to continue this blog, I am also looking for a new project to jump into.  I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for new opportunities.  For me, there is nothing more exciting than a new project or business venture.

3.  Crafts with the kids.  I made some Christmas crafts with the kids over the break and they loved it. I loved it too!  I used to not think of myself as a crafty person but it looks like that is changing.

4.  Enjoy the moment.  Life is short.  Why not enjoy it?  Instead of losing my face in my iPhone I’m going to really try to stay in the moment and just exist and enjoy.

5.  Stay out of family drama.  It heavily exists.  On both sides.  ‘Nuff said.

6.  Make some scrapbooks.  Remember when we used to do this before all of our photos got stuck in our phones?  I need living proof, on paper that we have in fact, lived.  I just do.  And I need to take the time to do it.  Plus it’s a creative outlet and justifies a trip to Michael’s.

7.  Plan ahead little trips.  I’m sooo NOT a planner.  But there are so many things I feel I miss out on because of this.  I want to plan trips close to home for our family.  I want to take the kids up to Columbus to COSI.  I want to go hiking with Greg in Yellow Springs.  I want to check out the Red River Gorge.  All of these things are within two hours of our house yet I have not yet taken the kids…lazy mom alert!

8.  Decorate the house.  I’ve been putting this off as we live in a rental house.  Now that we have lived here two years and Greg has a tenant in his old house, its time (actually past time) to make this house feel like ours.  I want to change out the lights I hate, paint the ugly yellow walls, and in general make some changes that make me happy to live and bring people here.  In general, I hate explaining to people, “don’t judge my decorating abilities by my house because, you know, its a rental“.  I’ve got to get over the feeling that it would be wasting my time and money because we don’t own this house.  Because after all, we do call this place home, right?


The benefit of having a boyfriend / fiancée / husband that travels a lot for work is that sometimes they get to go to fun places and they usually have enough frequent flyer miles for their girlfriend / fiancee / wife to go with them.

That is what is happening right now.

Greg and I are off to Naples Florida for a little kidless fun in the sun (and some work for Greg).

I’m hoping the weather will cooperate so that most of my day will be spent drinking and sunning on the beach.  But in case of a beach boredom attack, please comment if you have any must see/go/eat at places in Naples!

And of course, you can follow along with me on Insta!




Laney Reusch in Cincinnati, OH on Houzz
Laney Reusch in Cincinnati, OH on Houzz
Laney Reusch in Cincinnati, OH on Houzz

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